"After implementing a new marketing strategy, you don’t want sit back and hope it’s working – especially if you’re paying for it! In this article I’ll cover a few ways to know if you’re marketing efforts are paying off.

First and foremost, start a marketing calendar. It is unlikely that you will be able to remember what you did three weeks or months ago that resulted in an increase in traffic. If you track your activities on a marketing calendar, you can quickly refer back to specific dates and figure out what could have contributed to the increase in traffic or sales.

Second, track the traffic coming into your shop. Set up Google Analytics if you haven’t already for your shop and blog. Google Analytics is very user friendly and contains valuable statistics such as where your traffic is coming from, how long pople stay on your site, and what time of they day they visited your site. It makes it almost a no brainer to follow the trends in your traffic....."

Keep reading my article, which includes 7 points in total, at Handmade News where it was first published. 

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