Today I'm the featured artist on the main page of ArtFire! I couldn't be more excited! Please go check it out! If you missed it on the main page my feature is copied below.

Featured Artisan: Jamie Sabot, shesbattydesigns
Posted by sara on 2009-07-20 7:49:19

Art has always been a huge part of my life. It’s where I find my motivation as a driving focus but also where I find a resting spot to refuel. Art takes many different roles in my life depending on external circumstances but has always been there like a constant, loyal companion.

If there is a new craft you could learn, what would it be and why?
I dabble in a lot of different crafts. Paper crafting, printmaking, and photography are my passions. I have dabbled in sculpture, painting, and candle making. I would love to develop my skills in these areas. I’m also really inspired by soap makers! I haven’t tried out that craft at all and would love to really get into it!

What are your goals with your ArtFire studio?
I would love to see my ArtFire studio flourish. A goal of mine for this year is to get my ArtFire studio established and add a variety of products (not just paper products). Over the next 2 years I hope that my ArtFire studio is bringing in enough business to be a steady supplementary income. My overall goal is to ensure that I always love the crafts that I’m doing and never lose site of the joy they bring me.

Where do you receive your inspiration, in general?
Inspiration for me comes from within. I just seem to have a focus inside me that drives me to create and be creative. When I need some fresh inspiration (and ideas of what to do with the creative driving focus in me) I do a lot of web surfing, get out and take lots of pictures in some of my favorite places, look more closely at every day “ordinary” things and search for something that’s been overlooked, or just take a long walk with my man and our 3 dogs.

What is the most treasured thing in your craft stash?
I have two! I couldn’t pick just one and you’ll know why after I mention them. They are my gocco printer and my big shot die cutter. They are both huge in my creative process - for their own reasons – and I would hate to be without them.

If you won a thousand dollar craft shopping spree, what would you spend it on?
I would buy all the supplies to try out all the craft mediums that I haven’t been able to try or develop my skills in. If I still had money after that I would stock up with lots of pretty papers and adhesive!

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