This is the first year I've decided to try out my "green thumb" - or lack thereof! On the weekend my hubby and I went to a few garden centres to collect a few goodies. We came back with pumpkin seeds, cucumber seeds, pea pod seeds, wildflower seeds, onion bulbs, a tomato plant and a green pepper plant. I'm super excited for things to start to grow. Gardening is going to test my patience  because I've never been good at waiting. Hopefully waiting and watching will pay off and my little seeds will start to grow and thrive. 

Here's a bit of a photo-recap of what things look like on the first day we planted. I also included the fungi that has been growing like crazy in the backyard.

Watch for more updates as things start to bloom :) 

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  1. Carol Says:

    Gardening is fun. However, it takes a whole season to figure out if you succeeded or failed. I consider that a little sad. However, over the last 30 years I have never failed to try something new and failing doesn't really matter. Have a great spring and growing season.


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