If you're like me, you can't get enough of twitter! I actually had to use Twitter Karma the other day because my following/followers ratio was all out of whack! Thank goodness for Twitter karma because I was able to see who was actually following and who wasn't - that cleaned up my list and got things back on track pretty fast :)  

Since I've been on the twitter scene for a while now, I've realized the importance of following like-minded people to really enjoy the whole twitter experience. That's why I love connecting with fellow ArtFire members! A thread was started in the ArtFire forums some time ago for anyone on ArtFire to post their twitter channel. I'm still working my way down the list but I have connected with some really great people so far - including some from the Ghouls Guild of which I'm the guild master for. Have a look at the thread of ArtFire people on Twitter if you want to throughly enjoy your twitter experience like me. I should also mention that I wouldn't love twitter as much as I do without TweetDeck. With TweetDeck I've created groups for my favourites, ArtFire members, Ghouls Guild members, Animals Shelters that are on twitter, etc. I can also get my direct messages and replies in separate columns. I highly recommend TweetDeck :)

P.S. My twitter followers are always the first ones to know what I'm up to in the studio, when my shops are updated, and even get to take advantage of sales JUST for my followers! Go ahead and follow me if you want to be in the know and get the best deals too :) 
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  1. I love twitter too!! I'm going to have to check into Tweet Deck. It sounds cool! Great post!! =)



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