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I don't know if any of you sell your creations online, but just in case you do, I wanted to share something with you! I've been selling online at etsy for some time now but have now find out something so much better:
Art Fire. After seriously comparing both of the communities (and being involved in both) I've realized that Art Fire works so much better for me. Actually I made a sale on Art Fire before I even promoted it at all! Art Fire is SUCH a better deal and the support is amazing!!! I've started working on my art fire site more seriously and have signed up for their $7 (US) a month account because it's a better deal that etsy! Even though with Etsy you don't pay for what you use (20 cent listings, 20 cents to renew listing and then 3.5% taken off of any sold products). On Art Fire I can post as much as i want and i'm not charged anymore AND i'm not charged when i sell something!!! PLUS, their search is way better! Since their search is so amazing there's no need to "relist" like on Etsy. I would end up spending the amount of the item but the time it sold in fees (listing fee, relisting and selling fee). If you're a "verified" member (a $7 a month member) you get priority for search listings - i've been on the front page numerous times in the last few days already! it's HUGE promotion! .. plus i still have my etsy site up but i wont be "renewing" my listings to try to get them into the searches (and therefore not spending any money to try to promote). ALSO, the $7 a month accounts are a limited time thing.. after they are sold out it goes up to like $20 something a month to be a verified member. If you sell online or have been planning on it, i would jump on this now if you can because if you get in with the $7 account you'll be part of the "elite" at art fire and will get all kinds of perks (promotion, special features, etc). .. plus it's the best deal for selling online!!! i thought i'd telll ya about it before they sold out and since i've realized that they are WAY better than etsy! so many more tools, it's cheaper and i can't stress the promotion enough! ha ha. anyways, thought i'd let you know while i was thinking about it! I hope is well with everyone and you're getting the chance to be creative everyday!

There's else than 425 of 5000 $7 deal memberships left! If you want to get in on this deal I would suggest doing it sooner than later!

CLICK HERE  for the $7 deal

Take Care, Jamie

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  1. tina Says:

    Jamie, thanks so much for your kind words about us here at ArtFire.com. It makes our day knowing we make people like you happy! =) Your studio is fun, by the way- so much fun holiday goodies!


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