2008 OSPCA 108, originally uploaded by She's Batty.

When I'm not working for She's Batty Designs, I'm working for the Ontario SPCA! This is one of our "black beauties" that got adopted in October. I love how the colour of my hair and the colour of her fur match ;)

As for a studio update, I'm still working on She's Batty Designs from two different locations (that are 7 hours apart)! My studio is rather neglected and half of my supplies are up north and the other half are still at the studio. My living room up north is scattered with crafty projects in the works... but the piles are drive me nuts!  I like to keep a nice neat studio space but when your studio space and you're living space are the same thing you work with what you've got!  It's hard to relax on the couch when you're surrounded by unfinished projects.  Looking at them makes me feel obligated to finish them but being surrounded with this much "artsy stuff" also spurs on new ideas! I can't wait to get back home and have a separation between my studio space and my living space again. I'm sure going to miss my "day job" when I'm not up north anymore though; working at an animal shelter doesn't feel like work at all (most of the time ha ha). It's easy to be motivated when you're working for an amazing organization that you believe in. I really hope I get the opportunity to work at another Ontario SPCA branch or Humane Society when my contract up here has finished. Here's hoping!

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