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My new home office/crafting space is all set up now! I'm so happy everything fit! haha. Everything is looking neat and tidy the way I like it! We're going to put up some shelving soon so the supplies that are still in boxes have a home too! I definitely spend most of my time in here.

Right now I'm swamped with school work so unfortunately I don't have the chance to be too creative! I'm spending a lot of time in this room studying and trying to figure out biology. 5 more weeks and I get 2 weeks off before the fall term starts. I can't wait, I'll actually be able to use the "craft room" for crafts! I'm going to sleep in and stay up all night getting crafty! It's going to be great :)

More pictures of the new craft room can be seen here:

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  1. Congrats on the new room!! Im in the midst of remodeling and everything is scattered!!! FYI - I teach biology during the school year, so if you need any help... let me know! :)


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